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    This summer is looking like it might be a worse than average year for stingers. Normally by mid-December, we have had one or two Irukandji stings, but so far this year...

    • 3 November, Channel Point, NT: a 23 year old man nearly died from a box jellyfish sting
    • 23 November, Cardwell: a man in his 60s was rushed to hospital following a suspected Irukandji sting
    • 25 November, Port Douglas: a man was stung by Irukandji while swimming
    • 27 November, Airlie Beach: a 48 yer old woman was stung by a suspected Irukandji off Shingley Drive
    • 3 December, Palm Cove: a swimmer was stung by Irukandji, resulting in the closure of four beaches
    • 10 December, Fraser Island: a man was airlifted to hospital following a suspected Irukandji sting

    Here at Marine Stinger Authority, our aim is to help marine industries learn the tips and tricks that the scientists use, to demystify that "black box" effect of managing marine stingers. We all want the same thing: zero stings and happy tourists. We can help you do that in an accurate and balanced way.

    We have full-day and half-day certificate courses. You'll learn the essentials of identification, prediction, prevention, treatment, and communication in practical and usable ways.

    For January 9th (Cairns), we are offering the course at a fee of just $155 per person, which includes a certificate issued by Marine Stinger Authority.



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